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Review policy

  • 1 Quantitative score (10 points total)
    Innovative (3 points)
    Scientific (2 points)
    Academic (2 points)
    Rigidity (1 point)
    Normative (1 point)
    Readability (1 point)

    2 Essay writing
    1. Has the research purpose and meaning been fully expressed?
    2. Is the abstract clear and concise?
    3. Does each part support the thesis argument?
    4.Are effective conversion methods used between paragraphs? Have you made connections between the various parts?
    5. Is the summary clear enough? Does it explain how I got the final result?
    6. Are the choice of words, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation correct?

    3 Comprehensive evaluation
    1. The scientific meaning / academic value of the topic;
    2. Understand and cite the progress of scientific research in this discipline and field;
    3. The innovation of the method or its application;
    4. The scientific nature of the method;
    5. The logic of the argument;
    6. The rationality of the results and their analysis;
    7. The scientificity and reference of the conclusion / prospect of application;
    8. Information volume and writing quality.

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