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Ethics policy

  • “Journal of Agriculture” follows the accepted publishing ethics. Authors, reviewers and editors of this journal should perform the following duties, and should also follow other relevant regulations and requirements of this journal.

    1. Responsibilities of authors
    (1) The author should provide an objective description of the exact description of its original research and its importance. The submitted manuscript should contain sufficient arguments and literature to facilitate other people to continue the research, and should meet the relevant requirements in the "Notes for Submission" of this journal.
    (2) The manuscript submitted by the author is original research work, the content has not been published publicly, and the research work of others has been properly cited.
    (3) Authors must not submit the same manuscript to multiple journals at the same time, nor should they publish manuscripts with the same research content in multiple journals.
    (4) Authors should be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the conception, design, execution or interpretation of the manuscript, and those who have made significant contributions must be listed as co-authors. Corresponding authors should confirm that all co-authors are listed in the manuscript, and all co-authors have approved the final version of the submitted manuscript.
    (5) The funding status of the manuscript should be clearly stated.
    (6) If the author finds an obvious error in the published paper, it should promptly notify the editorial department or publishing house to withdraw or correct it.

    2. Responsibilities of reviewers
    (1) Peer review helps editors make manuscript decisions and helps authors improve the quality of manuscripts.
    (2) Reviewers must confirm the source of the data used in the study. If they find plagiarism or multiple submissions of a manuscript, they should immediately notify the editor.
    (3) Reviewers must be objective and fair in reviewing manuscripts, and should express their opinions through arguments.
    (4) The reviewer should indicate the relevant published works that have not been cited.
    (5) The manuscript under review is a confidential document. Without the consent of the editor and the author, the reviewer cannot disclose the content of the manuscript or discuss the manuscript with others.
    (6) The reviewers must keep the information obtained during the review process confidential and cannot use it privately. During the review, the manuscript cannot be rejected because of conflicts of interest such as competition and collaboration.
    (7) When the reviewers feel that it is impossible to complete the review of the manuscript within the prescribed time, they must inform the editor of the information so that the manuscript can be sent to other reviewers.

    3. Responsibilities of the editors
    (1) According to the review comments of the reviewers and the review report of the editorial board, the editor can accept, reject or request the revision of the manuscript.
    (2) Evaluate the manuscript according to the importance, originality, clarity and relevance of the manuscript, regardless of the author's gender, race, religion and nationality.
    (3) The editor shall not disclose any information of the manuscript to others except the corresponding author, reviewer and publisher.
    (4) Without the author's written permission, the editor cannot use the unpublished manuscript submitted by the author for his own research.

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