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Journal of Agriculture ›› 2018, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (5): 85-90.doi: 10.11923/j.issn.2095-4050.cjas17090025

Special Issue: 现代农业发展与乡村振兴

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SWOT Analysis of the Development of Selenium Rich Agriculture Industry in Guangxi Under the Background of Functional Agriculture


  • Received:2017-09-29 Revised:2017-11-20 Accepted:2017-12-22 Online:2018-05-18 Published:2018-05-18

Abstract: The study aims to clarify the development of selenium-rich agriculture industry in Guangxi under the background of functional agriculture, and promote the development of selenium-rich agriculture industry. On the basis of literature research, field investigation, we used SWOT analysis method of economics to analyze advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of current selenium-rich and functional agriculture industry in Guangxi. The results showed that the development of selenium-rich and functional agriculture industry in Guangxi had its inimitable advantages of rich resources and unique geographical location. Meanwhile, there were some disadvantages including lack of talents, short industrial chain and lack of brands, etc. While having the support of the local government and a vast potential market, the development of seleniumrich agricultural industry still faced the challenges of similar structure of selenium products in other areas. Based on the SWOT matrix, the authors suggest that the development of selenium- rich and functional agriculture industry in Guangxi is a systematic work, which should be based on the SO strategy, while using the WO and ST strategy as the core strategy and also taking WT strategy into consideration. At the same time, good performance should be coordinated by the government, with personnel training, brand building, industry chain extension, etc.

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