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Journal of Agriculture ›› 2018, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (6): 21-27.doi: 10.11923/j.issn.2095-4050.cjas17110024

Special Issue: 农业地理 耕地保护

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Land Use of Municipal Sludge and Its Environmental Impacts: Research Progress

刘学娅, and 冷平生   

  • Received:2017-11-23 Revised:2017-12-20 Accepted:2018-01-12 Online:2018-06-26 Published:2018-06-26

Abstract: Municipal sludge has increased dramatically with rapid urbanization and increasing sewage treatment rate in China, it is urgent to dispose the municipal sludge with minimization, harmlessness and resource utilization. The municipal sludge is rich in organic matter and minerals, which is beneficial to improving soil chemical and physical properties. Therefore, the land use of municipal sludge is one of the main disposals. But the municipal sludge also contains considerable amounts of heavy metals, pathogens and toxic organics, its direct land use may be seriously harmful to eco-environment, therefore, it is of great significance to explore safety and reasonable disposal technologies of municipal sludge. The study reviewed the recent research advances of municipal sludge land use from the following four aspects: (1)the municipal sludge disposal method; (2) the pre-treatment of municipal sludge; (3) the environmental pollution of municipal sludge land use; (4) the restorative effect of plants on municipal sludge, and discussed future development of reasonable land use of municipal sludge.

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