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Journal of Agriculture ›› 2024, Vol. 14 ›› Issue (3): 28-33.doi: 10.11923/j.issn.2095-4050.cjas2023-0093

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Correlation Analysis Between Yield and Agronomic Traits of Low Density Planted Fresh Faba Bean Varieties

LI Yanlan1(), PU Guangfa2, ZHANG Na3, XU Xuezhong4, HU Xinzhou1, CHAI Mengting2, ZHANG Xuesong2, LIU Jianjian1, LI Xiang1, CHEN Mengli3, ZHANG Bin3, REN Jingmei3, YANG Jincheng1()   

  1. 1 Yuxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yuxi 653100, Yunnan, China
    2 Hexi Town Agricultural and Rural Comprehensive Service Center of Tonghai County, Tonghai 652700, Yunnan, China
    3 Tonghai County Agricultural Technology Extension Station, Tonghai 651100, Yunnan, China
    4 Horticultural Plant Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Kunming 650000, Yunnan, China
  • Received:2023-04-03 Revised:2023-07-24 Online:2024-03-16 Published:2024-03-16


To select early maturing fresh faba bean varieties suitable for cultivation around Qilu-Lake, nine varieties were introduced for variety comparison experiments, and correlation analysis was conducted on the main agronomic traits and yield of different varieties. The results showed that pod length, fresh weight per 100 pods, and number of pods per plant were closely related to yield. Increasing any one of the three traits would promote yield while ensuring that other factors remained unchanged. The tested faba bean varieties showed inconsistencies in the growth of flowering and podding periods. The early flowering and podding periods of ‘Yundou Zao 6’ and ‘Yundou Zao 7’ of the faba bean varieties were earlier than that of other varieties, and the podding periods were the longest. ‘Yundou Zao 6’ and ‘Yudou 3’ had good yield potential in the study area, but the high and stable yield between the years and the regions needs further experimental study.

Key words: fresh faba bean, variety, yield, agronomic traits, correlation analysis