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Comprehensive Evaluation of Nitrogen Efficient Utilization of Sorghum Hybrids

JIANG Yanxi(), YAN Hongdong, SU Defeng, JIAO Shaojie, WANG Liming, MA Zijun, WU Zhenyang   

  1. Crop Resources Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Harbin 150086, Heilongjiang, China
  • Received:2023-03-16 Revised:2023-07-24 Online:2024-02-20 Published:2024-02-16


To screen out good-quality and high-yield sorghum varieties which adapt to ecological conditions of local area and have higher nitrogen use efficiency in the main sorghum production areas of North China and Northeast China, 20 main sorghum varieties in China were used as experimental materials to study the agronomic efficiency and partial productivity of nitrogen fertilizer of the varieties in different locations with split-plot experimental design. 20 sorghum varieties were divided into three groups of nitrogen efficiency including N high-efficiency variety, N medium-efficiency variety and N low-efficiency variety based on the agronomic utilization and partial productivity of nitrogen. The results showed that Compared with N -medium efficiency and N low-efficiency varieties, N high-efficiency varieties had higher yield. Cluster analysis showed that ‘Jinza 34’, ‘Liaonuo 11’, ‘Jiza 124’, ‘Jinzao 5564’ and ‘Jinnuoliang 5’ were nitrogen efficient varieties in Dongyang experiment in two years, and ‘Jinza 34’ was the best. In Harbin experiment, ‘Longza 22’, ‘Longza 25’, ‘Shenza 5’, ‘Jiniang 3’, ‘Fengza 4’, ‘Jiza 124’, ‘Jiza 127’, ‘Liaoza 37’, ‘Jinzao 5564’, ‘Tongza 108’ and ‘Chiza 107’ were nitrogen efficient varieties in two years, and ‘Longza 25’ was the best among all the varieties. Therefore, ‘Jinza 34’ was the most suitable N high-efficiency sorghum variety in Dongyang area, and ‘Longza 25’ was the most suitable N high-efficiency sorghum variety in Harbin area.

Key words: sorghum, agronomic efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer, partial productivity of nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen efficiency, variety screening