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Control Effect and Safety of Different Soil-applied Herbicides in Cotton Field

ZHANG Huachong(), ZHAO Shuqi, YAN Zhenhua, DAI Baosheng, HUANG Xiaoli, ZHANG Xin, LI Wei()   

  1. Huanggang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huanggang 438000, Hubei, China
  • Received:2023-02-21 Revised:2023-05-25 Online:2024-01-16 Published:2024-01-16


In order to screen out suitable soil-applied herbicides in this area, the safety and weed control effects of seven soil-treated herbicides on cotton were compared and analyzed by using soil sealing treatment in field plot experiment. The results showed that there was no significant difference in the germination rate and first section of branch of ‘Gangmian No.11’ under different treatments compared with the control, but the fresh weight, plant height and the number of fruit branches increased, indicating that the soil-applied herbicides were safe for cotton. The results of field efficacy showed that 50% prometryn wettable powder (WP)+33% pendimethalin emulsifiable concentrate (EC), 50% prometryn WP+960 g/L metolachlor EC and 50% prometryn WP+50% acetochlor EC had better control effects on grasses and leaved weeds. The average fresh weight control effect of 45 d was 83.32%, 84.08% and 80.57%, respectively, which were significantly different from that of single treatment, and the lasting time was longer. 50% prometryn WP+33% pendimethalin EC, 50% prometryn WP+960 g/L metolachlor EC and 50% prometryn WP+50% acetochlor EC are recommended to be used for weed control in cotton field.

Key words: soil-applied herbicides, cotton field, weed, control effect, safety